Sunday, 19 August 2007

The return of Rose Tyler?

Billie Piper has expressed her interest in returning to Doctor Who.
She has stated before that she has been quite jealous of seeing Martha on the front of magazines being the new companion and taking her place, As she has said she always ordered and still does order the Doctor Who magazine and with her not being on the show she regularly likes to look through in her spare time to see whats going on.
Billie Piper said;
"The first time i brought it i throw it across the room and burst into tears", as she was upset about leaving and was also upset to see Freema replacing her, but she knew it was something she had to learn to get over.
She states that she really misses being on the show, she didn't know how much she would miss it or that she would miss it as much as she does. She also regrets leaving. Billie Piper would especially like to return on David Tennant's last episode, which is rumored to be at the end of Series 4.
Billie Piper said;
"I find it a bit sad watching it now I'm not in it. I really miss it. I didn't realise how much I would. I'd love to pop back."
This means Rose might make a return to the show. This is great news, i loved the character Rose Tyler and was quite upset when Billie left the show, as it really hasn't been the same with out her.
But of course it's not been made official yet so anything could happen...


Anonymous said...

I think that she should return. Don't get me wrong when I say I don't like change, but this is too much. Everything's new, and it's not transitional, like how sarah jane smith stayed on for a few episodes into the fourth doctors tenure I think that at lease the tennent companion should stay n for a few, like jack or martha. that wouldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Not stay on, sorry, come back